JFK Assassination

JFK Assassination

Revised 2023
Print: 128” x 40” @300dpi
Digital File: 38376px x 11958px
Electronic painting

On Friday November 22, 1963 at 12:30pm, the President of the United States is assassinated in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, Texas during a campaign visit. Texas Governor, John Connelly, riding in the jump seats, is also wounded from the gunfire.

The narrative landscape of the assassination is a vast montage of manipulated film stills from footage shot by Abraham Zapruder, Mark Bell, Elsie Dorman, Robert Hugh, George Jeffries, Mary Muchmore, Otto Nix and numerous still photographs, b&w photographs being colorized. The work is supplemented with a subsequent black and white FBI film reconstruction. The image was begun in 2012 and has gone through several revisions, and spans the 26.6 seconds and brief aftermath on the grassy knoll.

The Assassination of John F. Kennedy is part of a tetralogy of pivotal U.S. assassinations from the 1960's and includes Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy and Malcolm X.

Version 1 2012-2014